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Our Next Gen SEO + Marketing Services

For search engine optimization and web design. Call (204) 952-1333 or email info@nextgenseo.ca for a free estimate.

We serve local clients in the Winnipeg and Calgary markets, as well as international clients. Our services will take your business to the front of the line and generate client leads.

web design

Website Design

Professional Design

Your website is a reflection of your business, and it can be a client’s first impression. Our experienced team creates website that utilize best practices in design to project a professional image of your company. We work hand in hand with our clients to develop a site that reflects the vision of the company and the needs of the business.

SEO Friendly Design

The design of your website affects your search engine rankings. We design websites from the group up with search engine optimization in mind. We make use of design elements and coding that will help your search engine rankings. Your business will be ahead of the pack right from the start.

Mobile Friendly Design

Your clients want to access your website from whatever they device they have at the moment. If your website doesn’t load properly on their device, you will lose a potential client. Our responsive website design adjusts across devices and screen sizes so your clients will always have the best experience engaging with your company.


Business Development and Marketing

Branding Development

We have the marketing skills to help clients develop their brand identity. We work with our clients to integrate existing logos and branding into the design of their website to create a consistent brand experience.

Marketing Strategies

Our experienced team can develop market strategies to help your business stand out from the competition. Our team discovers client niche opportunities for your business and strategies to undercut your competition. Our strategies can generate more client leads.

Small Business Consulting

We understand the challenges a new entrepreneur faces when establishing a small business. If you are a budding entrepreneur with passion and an idea, our knowledgeable team can provide small business consulting to help you launch your vision.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Content Development

Content is an integral part of your search engine ranking. Our search engine optimization team will develop content for your website relevant to your business. This ongoing process will increase your website visibility within search engine rankings.

Keyword Analysis

We work with our clients to determine the best keywords based on your business. We analysis the competitiveness of various keyword possibilities and how your clients are likely to search for you. The right keywords make all the difference.

On Page/Off Page

We conduct an analysis of your existing website to determine changes that can be made to your site to increase your search engine ranking. We perform off site comprehensive organic linking activity to increase the quality and quantity of inbound references.